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Ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing? At Spirit Awakening Retreats, nestled in the vibrant rainforests of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, we invite you to awaken your spirit with the sacred wisdom of Ayahuasca and Cacao.

8 day Retreats in Mai-August 2024:


18th - 25th


15th - 22nd


13th - 20th


3rd - 10th


08th -15th


27th - 03d Nov


08th - 14th

4 day Retreats in Mai-August 2024:


18th-21st // 20th-23rd // 22nd-25th


15th-18th // 17th-20th // 19th-22nd


13th-16th // 15th-18th // 17th-20th


3rd-6th // 5th-8th // 7th-10th

Always small exclusive groups of 5 to max. 7 people to ensure absolutely personalised attention and support.


You may find yourself facing emotional, spiritual, or physical challenges where you feel stuck or in need of support on your journey towards self-discovery

If you seek guidance from the Masterplant Aya and her little sister Cacao, they can offer you a new perspective on your authentic self. Cacao will help open your heart, while Aya illuminates it, shedding light on your deepest secrets and identifications hidden in the shadows. It's time to address what's been blocking you in the darkness, to understand it, and transform it into clarity. Aya initiates a process to restore natural balance on all levels, promoting healing and enabling you to live your truth.

If you're looking for a psychedelic party trip, our space may not be the right fit for you. But if you're on a quest to discover your authentic self, you're warmly welcomed here.

Experience an authentic purification and reconnection in our Holistic Center "Tocacielo del Caribe" in Costa Rica, where the indigenous "Bribri" people still cherish and practice the secrets of life to rediscover and live them within you.


Why Spirit Awakening Retreats at Tocacielo del Caribe is the best choice:

  • Authentic contact with the medicinal plant in its natural environment where it naturally thrives and holds its energy. Compared to: Ayahuasca ceremonies and experiences in environments where the plant is not naturally at home (Europe, cities, etc.), potentially lacking in authentic energy of the plant.

  • Return to simplicity, authenticity and being, fostering a deeper understanding of our existence and connection to our gifts and divinity. Compared to: Distraction in external environments of luxury villas with commercial excess, keeping individuals within their comfort zones.

  • Small group ceremonies, with a maximum of 5 participants, supervised by a Shaman and medically trained companions. Compared to: Large group ceremonies lacking personalized attention.

  • Professional care and integration provided on-site and aftercare online as needed. Compared to: Uncertainty about how to integrate the experience and what comes after.

  • Authentic environment embedded in nature, featuring genuine wooden cabins for sleeping and ceremonies held in the Shaman's Usure in the jungle.

May / June / July / August 2024

8 days / 7 nights 3 Aya ceremonies

  • 7 nights in a private or shared bungalow or cabin

  • 8 days all-inclusive vegetarian meals

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • 2 Cacao Ceremonies (opening & closing)

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Integration sessions & sharing circles

  • Trauma release therapy

  • Waterfall excursion with cleansing ritual

  • Excursions to the beach

  • Singing circle on the beach with bonfire

  • Integration Zoom Call after the Retreat

  • Airport pick-up included

  • Small exclusive groups of max. 7 people

Shared Cabin: 3,350$

Private Cabin: 3,600$

For 2 persons: 5,550$

Mai / June / Juli / August 2024

  • 3 nights in a private bungalow

  • 4 days all-inclusive vegetarian meals

  • 1 Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • Cacao Ceremony (possible)

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Integration session & sharing circle

  • Trauma release therapy

  • Water cleansing ritual

  • Excursion to the beach

  • Singing circle on the beach with bonfire (possible)

  • Airport pick-up included

  • Small exclusive groups of max. 7 people

Private Bungalow: 1,850$

4 days / 3 nights 1 Aya ceremony

For 2 persons: 2,900$

Explore Our Retreat Highlights:

  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies: Immerse yourself in the profound healing and spiritual insights offered by Ayahuasca, guided by experienced facilitators (fluent in 3 languages and with over 20 years combined experience in holistic healing modalities) in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Cacao Ceremonies: Connect with the heart-opening and energizing properties of ceremonial-grade Cacao, complementing your Ayahuasca journey with gentle yet powerful healing.

  • Holistic Wellness Practices: Enhance your healing journey with yoga, meditation, nature excursions, and nourishing plant-based cuisine, designed to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Integration Support: The most important part of the entire experience is the integration process. Without proper integration, there is no transformation. That's why we take the integration very seriously with professional facilitators (fluent in 3 languages) trained and experienced (over 30 combined years of experience) in coaching, psychology, energy work and trauma release therapy (as well as other things such as Yoga, Naturopathy, Kinesiology and Matrix-Healing), so that you may return home with an integrated transformation that lasts.

Meet our Retreat hosts and integration support

Janica & Ariane

Janica is a 500ERYT trauma-informed yoga teacher trainer and cacao ceremony facilitator with a passion for holistic wellness and spiritual growth. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in creating safe and nurturing spaces for individuals to explore their inner landscape and heal from past traumas. Janica's mission is to empower individuals to reclaim their power, embrace their wholeness, and live a life of purpose and meaning through yoga, cacao ceremonies, and trauma therapy.

Ariane, holistic therapist and naturopath, is a trauma-sensitive energy and consciousness trainer, meditation and mindfulness teacher with over 20 years of experience in her own practice and training academy. Starting from her training in trauma therapy and energy medicine, she specializes in helping people navigate trauma and reconnecting with their innate healing and resilience. Ariane's mission is to create spaces of healing and transformation in which individuals can awaken to their inner wisdom through coaching, meditation and mindfulness practices, cultivate self-love and compassion, and lead a life of authenticity.

Meet our Ayahuasca Ceremony Facilitators

Aleks & Marc

Aleks is a seasoned Ayahuasca facilitator and steward of her own rainforest sanctuary in Costa Rica. Aleks's journey with Ayahuasca began two decades ago, leading her to become deeply connected with the sacred plant medicine. She apprenticed with a Spanish facilitator named Marcelo for a decade, deepening her understanding of ceremonial practices and cultivating reverence for Ayahuasca traditions. In 2018, guided by Ayahuasca herself, Aleks founded the rainforest sanctuary where she lives with her partner Marc and where they hold Ayahuasca ceremonies. Her mission is to empower individuals to reconnect with nature, remember their essence, and experience the joy of life.

Marc, a holistic therapist with a passion for healing, brings over a decade of experience to his work as an Ayahuasca facilitator. Originally from Catalonia, Marc's journey into holistic healing began in a Hungarian school of metaphysics. He delved into various modalities, including energy medicine and craniosacral therapy. In 2017, Marc ventured to Peru, where he encountered the profound wisdom of Ayahuasca. Returning to Costa Rica, Marc deepened his knowledge of indigenous plants and healing traditions. Alongside Aleks, Marc stewards a rainforest sanctuary, offering transformative experiences for seekers. His mission is to guide individuals on a journey of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening, rooted in the wisdom of the jungle and the spirit of Ayahuasca.

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We are here to support you in any way on your spiritual journey with plant medicine.

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